About Us

Like many things in this world, our restaurant was created out of love.
In this case, Polish-Georgian love.

Chmeli Suneli, means…

The name of our restaurant is also the name of the most popular blend of spices used in Georgian cuisine. Aromatic, but not overly spicy. The distinctive taste of chmeli-suneli consists of, among others: basil, hot pepper and marjoram. And saffron & coriander are responsible for the pinch of the orient.

In brief: Chmeli-Suneli is the essence of the taste of Georgia.

In our restaurant, we want to revive the fond memories of those of you who have already had the pleasure to visit Georgia – and to arouse interest in Georgia for those, who have not.

And since the easiest way to man’s heart is through the stomach … we are certain about the success of our mission. Especially because the quality of the food is being taken care of by Georgian cooks, who will personally prepare for you the classics of Georgian cuisine with a modern twist.

There is no feast without wine and no Georgia without a treat! Do you know that the wine traditions were probably born in today’s Georgia and reach 7000 years back? An evening at Chmeli-Suneli with a glass of Kindzmarauli Marani is a good start to this long (and fruitful) relationship, with many stories to be told.


ul. Masztalarska 8, wejście w bramie, Poznań

   +48 797 716 915


Reservations: +48 797 716 915

Information for guests: Reservations for 10 people and more cost PLN 150.00 per person. It is a fixed amount for the menu we have prepared and for the organization and exclusion of tables. Within this amount, we prepare food according to a pre-established menu. Drinks and alcohol are payable additionally. We also add 7% to the final bill for waiter service (payable in cash). We do not separate bills. We encourage you to make such reservations to guarantee yourself a suitable place and smooth service, and to focus only on celebrating the occasion!

If you want to serve a cake at your event – we do not offer cakes in our restaurant, but you can order it from the outside. In such a situation, we add service fee (serving, tableware). It is also necessary to provide us with a copy of the bill, due to sanitary regulations regarding the food served at our place. Thank you for your understanding and we invite you to book at Chmeli Suneli for your parties!


We are also at PYSZNE.pl and  GŁODNY.pl